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Nathalie Baye Nude

Nathalie Baye "La balance" (1982)

Nathalie Baye -La balance- Nathalie Baye -La balance- Nathalie Baye -La balance- Nathalie Baye -La balance-

To counter the increase in serious crimes, the police establish territorial brigades - police units embedded in the web of the underworld. Each territorial brigade has a network of informants vital to its work. Informants or informants are called in these circles - La balance. After the death of one of the informers, the police are looking for a new candidate. The choice falls on a petty Parisian criminal and his prostitute girlfriend Nicole (Nathalie Baye). They are trying to force a criminal couple to betray the local mafia leader, but they are not at all ready to cooperate.
Nathalie Baye lies naked in bed and kisses with her fiance until the police are knock on the door.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 416

1:56 ; 38,5mb