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Greta Scacchi Nude

Greta Scacchi "Heat and Dust" (1983)

Greta Scacchi -Heat and Dust- Greta Scacchi -Heat and Dust- Greta Scacchi -Heat and Dust- Greta Scacchi -Heat and Dust-

Anne explores the scandalous life of her great aunt Olivia (Greta Scacchi). Sixty years ago, in the 1920s, a newly married Olivia comes to India with her husband, an official of the British administration. This country fascinates the young woman, and soon she falls in love not only with her, but also with the ruler, whose lifestyle combines British features of government with Indian luxury and cruelty. This behavior of Olivia is fraught with serious consequences: a gang of bloody bandits is hunting in the district, and clouds are gathering over the head of the ruler due to the intrigues of the British community. As Anne learns more and more about her relative's story, she begins to take a different look at her own life.
Greta Scacchi lies naked on the bed and talks to her husband about a sick friend.

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