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May Lindstrom Nude

May Lindstrom "Her" (2013)

May Lindstrom -Her- May Lindstrom -Her- May Lindstrom -Her- May Lindstrom -Her-

In the world of the future, technology has stepped far forward, and now the newest development is born - the first intelligent operating computer system. Inspired by its ad, which promises to give users everything they need, the lone writer Theodore decides to purchase such an OS for himself. And he gets a lot more than he could have expected. Samantha, the name chosen by his assistant, turns out to be an excellent secretary. But not only. For the writer, she soon becomes a close friend, and even more - Theodore feels that every day he falls more and more in love with her.
May Lindstrom is completely naked and pregnant in the fantasy of a guy that having virtual sex.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1036

0:21 ; 22,5mb