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Silvia Busuioc Nude

Silvia Busuioc "The Snowman" (2017)

Silvia Busuioc -The Snowman- Silvia Busuioc -The Snowman-

Oslo, Norway, winter of the 2004 year. The detective is investigating the mystical vanishing of a woman whose rose scarf was found on a snowman. Doing a search in old, undisclosed cases, the policeman found the other cases of a killing young, married women, that had kids, in the day of the first fall of snow. The only one evidence that found at the crime scene, its a snowman. Policeman understands that he must find the first serial killer of the state.
The man let down Silvia Busuioc dress, bare her breasts for the other man can make a photo.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1036

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