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Alice Krige Nude

Alice Krige "Ghost Story" (1981)

Alice Krige -Ghost Story- Alice Krige -Ghost Story- Alice Krige -Ghost Story- Alice Krige -Ghost Story-

In the despondent house of New England, under the black skies and howling of the wind four old men telling each other horror stories for fun. After their strange amusement, they see a nightmare. One day one of the elderly men died in an inexplicable way. Next day brings another unexpected death. Mens, that still staying alive, begins to understand a real horror without salvation - a horror that came from the past to takes away their lives.
Young Alice Krige shows the nude body in a dynamic sex scene in the dark room, bare breast when sitting in the tub and bed and naked ass, standing before the window.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 736 x 384

2:15 ; 42,4mb