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Alice Krige, Shannon Murphy Nude

Alice Krige, Shannon Murphy "Lonely Hearts" (2006)

Alice Krige -Lonely Hearts- Alice Krige -Lonely Hearts- Alice Krige -Lonely Hearts- Shannon Murphy -Lonely Hearts-

Ray Fernandez, a petty swindler and rogue, is dating women from the "Lonely Hearts" section of the newspaper. Using his influence on the females, he enters into trust, and then disappears, taking money and, if he's lucky, jewelry, gullible young ladies. One day he answers an ad from a certain Martha Beck and then they work together, only the methods have changed a little. A couple of murderers were driven by passion, but each had her own: Beck loved Ray so passionately that she could not stand other women next to him and in a fit of jealousy turned into a real fury, and Ray himself was very fond of money and for the sake of profit went to one bloody crime after another.
Alice Krige rides on her man and showing excited nipples

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