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Alice Krige, Cherie Lunghi Nude

Alice Krige, Cherie Lunghi "King David" (1985)

Alice Krige -King David- Cherie Lunghi -King David- Alice Krige -King David- Cherie Lunghi -King David-

The shepherd David, in his youth, defeated the giant Goliath, ascended the throne of ancient Israel and later became a great commander and idol of women, gained fame and spent many years in the festival. His kingdom had a great unification of the northern and southern tribes of Israel, the betrayal of his son and a love story for the beautiful Bathsheba (Alice Krige). When his glory and arrogance declined, David returned to humility and remembered God's covenants.
In the evening, by the firelight, the maid washes the naked Alice Krige.
Cherie Lunghi lies naked in bed and asks her husband: Did i please you, my lord?"

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 800

2:24 ; 157mb