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Leonor Varela, Ruthanna Hopper Nude

Leonor Varela, Ruthanna Hopper "Americano" (2005)

Leonor Varela -Americano- Leonor Varela -Americano- Ruthanna Hopper -Americano- Leonor Varela -Americano-

Chris spent the summer after college with his friends Ryan and Michelle in Spain. He wants to break away for the last time before adulthood, to be crazy, enjoy life, run through the streets from bulls together with the camera, drink absinthe and go fishing. If he are lucky with adventures, he will understand something about life and find yourself. Literally three days before returning to America, Chris meets the beautiful Adela (Leonor Varela). The time spent with her changes the worldview of all them and makes them think about the need for chosen life path.
Leonor Varela in red flower panties, but without top go to the river, Ruthanna Hopper undressing and follow her.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 720 x 368

1:42 ; 26,3mb