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Crystal Lowe, Karin Konoval Nude

Crystal Lowe, Karin Konoval "Black Christmas" (2006)

Crystal Lowe -Black Christmas- Karin Konoval -Black Christmas- Crystal Lowe -Black Christmas- Karin Konoval -Black Christmas-

Several female students, due to bad weather, did not have time to go home for Christmas and are forced to celebrate the holiday in the hostel. In the house, where their hostel is located, a few years ago, a certain Billy Lenz brutally murdered his family here, including his mother (Karin Konoval), who sexually harassed Billy, leaving only a little sister alive. The fun of the girls, including Lauren (Crystal Lowe), is now and then interrupted by strange phone calls, in which they are obscenely insulted and threatened to kill them. The atmosphere of the holiday begins to slowly crumble, and soon the students begin to disappear one by one.
Someone is looking at Crystal Lowe ass and tits through a hole in the wall while she takes a shower.
Karin Konoval shows boobs while riding a guy on a flight of stairs.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 820

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