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Maria Valverde Nude

Maria Valverde "Melissa P." (2005)

Maria Valverde -Melissa P.- Maria Valverde -Melissa P.- Maria Valverde -Melissa P.- Maria Valverde -Melissa P.-

A young girl Melissa (Maria Valverde) living with her mom and granny in South of Italy. Her first sexual experience with Daniel was far from ideal. Despite this, she falls in love with Daniel. The boy quickly forgets her, and in hope that Daniel pays attention, Melissa is committing a few of wild sexual acts. She even starts to write a diary to keep all the shocking, poetic, scandal, sensual sexual events of her life.
Maria Valverde lay on the bed and watching of her own naked reflection in the mirror, shows perfect teeny boobs in the bathroom and lose virginity on the carpet floor.

Codec: H.264
Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 720 x 384

3:34 ; 72,5mb