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Jane Birkin Nude

Jane Birkin "Alba pagana" (1970)

Jane Birkin -Alba pagana- Jane Birkin -Alba pagana- Jane Birkin -Alba pagana- Jane Birkin -Alba pagana-


Valerio comes from Italy to Oxford to study. The university management wants to use this simple guy in rowing competitions. Soon he begins a conflict with local aristocratic students who do not want to perceive a foreigner from the poor family. And only the poet Roderick supported Valerio. After the Roderick girlfriend (Jane Birkin) try to seduce Valerio, Roderick achieves his expulsion from the university. Valerio promises to take revenge to him on the holiday called May morning.
Jane Birkin tries to seduce her Italian lover and show the naked breast when changing clothes.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 304

2:43 ; 52,5mb