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Jane Birkin, Francoise Fabian Nude

Jane Birkin, Francoise Fabian "Projection privee" (1973)

Jane Birkin -Projection privee- Jane Birkin -Projection privee- Francoise Fabian -Projection privee- Jane Birkin -Projection privee-

After a long life together, the director leaves his wife and this causes her to commit suicide. Shocked by what happened, he decides to make a film about the events leading up to the tragedy.
Francoise Fabian undresses, jumps into bed with her lover and covers herself with a blanket. We quickly see her breasts.
Jane Birkin comes out naked from the pool, chatting with her friend, wipes herself with a red towel, lies down at the edge of the pool, after which she notices that a man is watching her and hurries to run up the stairs to the house, showing naked tits, ass and a bush.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1800 x 1080

4:01 ; 261mb