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Jordis Triebel Nude

Jordis Triebel "Westen" (2013)

Jordis Triebel -Westen- Jordis Triebel -Westen- Jordis Triebel -Westen- Jordis Triebel -Westen-

1970. Nelly (Jordis Triebel) with the son going to West Germany for start new life. They left East Berlin. Few years ago, Nelly found out about the death of her husband, the father of her child. The woman hopes that in West Germany she will find a better life for herself and her son. The first time they stay in a refugee camp, waiting for a permanent residence permit. When it seems to Nelly that life is getting better, the agents of the special services begin to take an interest in the circumstances of her husband's death and hint that he may be alive.
Jordis Triebel takes off her clothes, panties, bra, watch and jewelry and remains completely naked at the inspection by the police.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 288

1:59 ; 125mb