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Jordis Triebel Nude

Jordis Triebel "Emmas Gluck" (2006)

Jordis Triebel -Emmas Gluck- Jordis Triebel -Emmas Gluck- Jordis Triebel -Emmas Gluck- Jordis Triebel -Emmas Gluck-

Emma (Jordis Triebel), an ordinary girl. She lives in the wilderness, on her fragile shoulders lies a huge farm - chickens, geese, pigs ... A huge house that needs to be looked after. This is ordinary village life. But everything is not so simple, because Emma lives alone ... All alone ... And she copes very well, but she lacks ordinary human happiness, or rather love. Although she has a suitor, she understands that this is not what she needed. And then a guy appears - Max, but the problem is that he is terminally ill. What will Emma choose?
Jordis Triebel takes off his pants, panties and red jersey and jumps under the covers to his boyfriend.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 384

1:01 ; 22,7mb