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Assumpta Serna, Eva Cobo Nude

Assumpta Serna, Eva Cobo "Matador" (1986)

Assumpta Serna -Matador- Assumpta Serna -Matador- Eva Cobo -Matador- Assumpta Serna -Matador-
Eva Cobo -Matador- Assumpta Serna -Matador- Eva Cobo -Matador- Assumpta Serna -Matador-

Torero Diego, being hit by a bull in a fight, can no longer continue his career in the arena, instead, unable to stop before the temptation to kill, he kills young girls in a fit of passion. Maria (Assumpta Serna), a lawyer who is in love with him, also kills men during a sexual act. A young student of Diego Angel "accidentally" rapes a girl (Eva Cobo), then confesses this to the police, as well as in a number of other murders that he did not commit.
Assumpta Serna takes off his cloak, stands naked in front of a guy, comes up to him and fucks against the backdrop of a bullfight.
Eva Cobo dries her hair and perfect naked body with a towel after showering while some guy watches her through binoculars. Dude pushes back the blanket and makes love to her while she sleeps.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1038

5:05 ; 333mb