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Elizabeth Perkins, Ashley Gardner Nude

Elizabeth Perkins, Ashley Gardner "He Said, She Said" (1991)

Elizabeth Perkins -He Said, She Said- Elizabeth Perkins -He Said, She Said- Ashley Gardner -He Said, She Said- Elizabeth Perkins -He Said, She Said-

Dan and Lorie (Elizabeth Perkins) are co-workers and constantly compete. First, stupid hatred, which is replaced by affection, and then develops into love. But wait, it's not that simple. They have completely different views on the relationship between a man and a woman. They co-host a popularly scandalous TV show that further undermines their relationship. We see how it all began between them: how they met, how they competed, how they went to the theater and restaurants, walked, lived together. And we see it from two sides, male and female.
Elizabeth Perkins listens to her boyfriend sing in the shower, undresses, showing bare breasts, and joins him.
Ashley Gardner dates a guy at a restaurant and her breasts fall out of her pink dress.

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