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Nastassja Kinski Nude

Nastassja Kinski "Harem" (1985)

Nastassja Kinski -Harem- Nastassja Kinski -Harem- Nastassja Kinski -Harem- Nastassja Kinski -Harem-

Our days. Journalist Diane (Nastassja Kinski) drank a cup of coffee on a yacht, and was unaware of the cleverly sprinkled sleeping pills. As a result, she woke up hundreds of kilometers away, in the chic harem of an Arab sheikh Selim. Among the mass of women, longingly awaiting manifestations of attention from her husband, Diana also had to wait her turn. But the very first meeting showed that it would not do without a flash of love. Selim is going through a personal drama and struggles with himself in an unsuccessful attempt to stop the ruthless passage of time in order to preserve the inviolable and precious that is dear to him.
The eunuch brings Nastassja Kinski in his arms into a huge hall full of naked women and undresses her at the edge of the pool.

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