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Karin Viard Nude

Karin Viard "L'origine du monde" (2020)

Karin Viard -L'origine du monde- Karin Viard -L'origine du monde- Karin Viard -L'origine du monde- Karin Viard -L'origine du monde-

At the gym, on the treadmill, Jean-Louis realizes that he can't feel his heartbeat. There is silence in his chest, there is no pulse either, but he feels and understands everything, he can even move. To understand whether he is alive or not, Jean-Louis tells everything to his friend veterinarian Michel, but his qualifications are not enough. While Jean-Louis is in a panic, his wife Valerie (Karin Viard) turns to a girlfriend who claims to be a psychic. And she has a solution that will put Jean-Louis in front of an absolute taboo.
Karin Viard, along with two guys, walks naked in the house, imitating a fictional holiday of naked neighbors in front of her husband's mother.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 960

3:39 ; 231mb