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Julia Ormond, Karina Lombard Nude

Julia Ormond, Karina Lombard "Legends of the Fall" (1994)

Julia Ormond -Legends of the Fall- Karina Lombard -Legends of the Fall- Julia Ormond -Legends of the Fall- Karina Lombard -Legends of the Fall-

Colonel Ludlow lives in the western United States with his three sons. Once upon a time, he famously fought with the Indians, but a lot of time has passed since then. Ludlow realized that the Indians are the same people as the whites, and have the right to life, homeland and happiness. He teaches his sons the concepts of brotherhood, universal equality and love for others. The boys are growing up. They are very friendly, and it seems that the whole world belongs to them. Alfred is smart and reserved, Tristan is a rebel, Samuel is a family favorite, dreamer and romantic. Samuel brings his bride Susannah (Julia Ormond) to home. Then the war begins, the brothers go to the front, and Samuel dies. This tragedy changes the life of Susannah and all family members forever. Serious intrigues flare up on the love front. Alfred idolizes the girl, he has a rival - Tristan. This is how the Colonel's family breaks up.
Julia Ormond has passionate sex after a walk in the meadows.
We see Karina Lombard's nipple as she lies naked in bed with her husband and baby.

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Size: 1920 x 1040

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