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Sissy Spacek, Lauren Hutton, Geraldine Chaplin Nude

Sissy Spacek, Lauren Hutton, Geraldine Chaplin "Welcome to L.A." (1976)

Sissy Spacek -Welcome to L.A.- Geraldine Chaplin -Welcome to L.A.- Sissy Spacek -Welcome to L.A.- Lauren Hutton -Welcome to L.A.-

Carroll Barber returns from London to his native Los Angeles. Carroll writes songs and one famous singer records his songs in one of a Los Angeles studio. He always looks good and stylish and women go crazy for him. First, one old nymphomaniac molests him. Then some woman photographer. Then the bare-breasted maid (Sissy Spacek). Next is a psychotic consumptive girl suffering from anorexia (Geraldine Chaplin). But who will Carroll choose? And will he select anyone?
Topless Sissy Spacek enters the bedroom with gifts and puts boxes in the closet.
Lauren Hutton, in a room with red light, takes off her black robe and lights a cigarette.
Geraldine Chaplin stands fullfrontal in front of the guy and decides whether to answer the phone, after which the guy covers her with a blanket.

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