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Rutanya Alda, Ashley Oliver, Sara-Jo Edlin Nude

Rutanya Alda, Ashley Oliver, Sara-Jo Edlin "Greetings" (1968)

Ashley Oliver -Greetings- Sara-Jo Edlin -Greetings- Rutanya Alda -Greetings- Sara-Jo Edlin -Greetings-

Paul, John, and Lloyd are three draft-age New York oafs who roam the city most of their time in futile attempts to find an occupation or meaning in life. They are in constant motion and are very concerned about being drafted into the US Army. Against the backdrop of the entry of American troops into Vietnam, they understand that by any means they need to "hang" from the service so as not to be participants in a brutal war. By all available methods and means, they are preparing for the passage of the medical commission. As a result, having received a two-week reprieve, they can relax and succumb to the pleasures of that society.
Ashley Oliver lies on a blue bed while her boyfriend draws blueprints on her naked body in an attempt to solve the Kennedy assassination.
Rutanya Alda on the bed in the bedroom against the background of the picture undresses and chats with her boyfriend.
Sara-Jo Edlin playing a bored housewife has sex in different positions with a pizza delivery man.

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