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Monica Bellucci Nude

Monica Bellucci "Un ete brulant" (2011)

Monica Bellucci -Un ete brulant- Monica Bellucci -Un ete brulant-

Fed up with all the benefits of a carefree life, the artist Frederic, occasionally sipping cocaine and crying into his pillow because of his unfaithful wife. His wife Angele (Monica Bellucci) defiantly sobs and occasionally talks about the complex and multifaceted female nature, which does not know what she wants. A slacker friend Paul who dreams of an unknown revolution. His notorious and dull wife Elisabeth with talk about emptiness and loneliness. And now the company of these people diligently and with a fair amount of pathos comes up with global problems for themselves and finds out who can have sex with whom and who can’t.
Monica Bellucci lies completely naked on a blue sheet..

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 818

0:36 ; 39,0mb