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Dana Delany Nude

Dana Delany "Light Sleeper" (1992)

Dana Delany -Light Sleeper- Dana Delany -Light Sleeper- Dana Delany -Light Sleeper- Dana Delany -Light Sleeper-

In New York, full of life and non-stop rhythm, there will always be those who need the treasured powder that will make their lives much brighter and happier. And John LeTour is just the one who is able to sell it. After all, John is a real drag dealer who no longer thinks about the consequences and has long turned into a robot. The sudden death of one of his clients prompts John to take action, and he decides to say goodbye to his stinking job. Even more stimulus to his life brings a meeting with Marianne (Dana Delany), who was once his wife. LeTour writes a diary every day, setting out his own thoughts, fears and hopes. And he dreams of only one thing - a normal life, in which there will be no place for the dirt that surrounds him every day.
Dana Delany shows naked boobs and a bush lying in bed with a guy after sex.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1040

1:59 ; 125mb