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Emmanuelle Seigner Nude

Emmanuelle Seigner "Dans la maison" (2012)

Emmanuelle Seigner -Dans la maison- Emmanuelle Seigner -Dans la maison-

French literature teacher Germain is dissatisfied with his wards, who show neither zeal for learning, nor any talents. And only Claude, sitting at the far desk, managed to win the attention of a man - this teenager clearly stands out from the rest. It all starts with an essay that Claude writes about his friend Rapha and his household. Germain notices glimpses of literary talent in this work and decides to inspire the boy to new stories. As a result, Claude begins to describe in his texts everything that he sees in a friend's house, everything that he could peep, and each time leaves a hint of a sequel. Fascinated by reading, Germain begins to make concessions to the young man, and he begins to manipulate the teacher.
The guy peeps as naked Emmanuelle Seigner makes love in a dark room.

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