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Linda Hayden Nude

Linda Hayden "Baby Love" (1969)

Linda Hayden -Baby Love- Linda Hayden -Baby Love- Linda Hayden -Baby Love- Linda Hayden -Baby Love-

Fifteen-year-old schoolgirl Luci (Linda Hayden) after the suicide of her mother moves to live in a rich family, the head of which she considers her father. An orphaned teenager blames his father for his mother's suicide and seeks revenge. There, Luci infuriates his supposed father's lustful son by denying him sex while seducing his own dad in front of his son. But this seems to her not enough and Luci, pretending to be an innocent victim, successfully seduces his wife.
Linda Hayden takes a naked bath, but after her stepmother turns on the water, memories of the past drive her into a stupor.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1796 x 1080

2:22 ; 151mb