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Diane Lane, Kehli O'Byrne Nude

Diane Lane, Kehli O'Byrne "Knight Moves" (1992)

Diane Lane -Knight Moves- Kehli O'Byrne -Knight Moves- Diane Lane -Knight Moves- Kehli O'Byrne -Knight Moves-

Candidate chess champion Peter Sanderson, a favorite of women (Diane Lane, Kehli O'Byrne), raising a small daughter alone. During the tournament, an unknown person kills the girl whom Sanderson left a few seconds ago. On the wall, the killer wrote an inscription in the victim's blood that should help find the unknown ripper. But the killings didn't stop there. More deaths of young girls followed at the hands of a maniac. And at one point the killer gets in touch with Sanderson. Two men begin a game vaguely reminiscent of chess, but much more dangerous, where the winner will get not the championship title, but life.
After a walk on the beach, naked Diane Lane makes love behind a white canopy.
Topless Kehli O'Byrne makes love in black panties.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 814

2:03 ; 124mb