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Diane Lane Nude

Diane Lane "Descending Angel" (1990)

Diane Lane -Descending Angel- Diane Lane -Descending Angel- Diane Lane -Descending Angel- Diane Lane -Descending Angel-

Young physical education teacher Michael comes with his fiancee Irina (Diane Lane) from New York to a provincial town in Michigan where the girl's father Florian lives. The future father-in-law (Michael clearly hopes to intermarry with the family) is the owner of an antique store and a person respected by all Romanian emigrants. On the very first day, Michael was followed everywhere by a stranger who, at the first opportunity, approached the future son-in-law of Florian and said that he knew the old man before in Romania and that he was not who he claims to be.
Diane Lane lies naked in bed after having sex with a guy and tells him about the conversation with her psychologist.

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Size: 706 x 480

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