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Cecilia Roth, Yasmin Elias Nude

Cecilia Roth, Yasmin Elias "Vidas privadas" (2001)

Cecilia Roth -Vidas privadas- Yasmin Elias -Vidas privadas- Cecilia Roth -Vidas privadas- Yasmin Elias -Vidas privadas-

After spending 20 long years in Spain, Carmen (Cecilia Roth) returns to Argentina. Sitting at the head of her dying father, a woman recalls the events that forced her to leave her father's house. Returning memories in 1976, the heroine can accurately describe every day spent in prison. Cruel bullying and beatings forever turned her from a cheerful and cheerful girl into a hidden and withdrawn woman. The only place where Carmen can relax without fear of prying eyes is a rented apartment. The heroine rents one room to couples for sexual pleasures, while enjoying the sounds heard behind the wall. This is the only way that leads the heroine to sexual satisfaction. And only having met Gustavo on her way, Carmen decided to meet a man for the first time.
Naked Cecilia Roth is released from the hugs of a guy and gets out of bed.
Topless Yasmin Elias tries to smoke after sex.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 528

1:29 ; 31,1mb