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Floriane Daniel, Marie-Lou Sellem Nude

Floriane Daniel, Marie-Lou Sellem "Winter Sleepers" (1997)

Floriane Daniel -Winter Sleepers- Marie-Lou Sellem -Winter Sleepers- Floriane Daniel -Winter Sleepers- Floriane Daniel -Winter Sleepers-

No one knows what will happen in an hour, and even more so tomorrow. Any, even the most insignificant act, can change our whole life. The lives of three residents of a ski resort located in a picturesque alpine town are intertwined in terrible and bizarre events. Ordinary accidents and fatal patterns in human relations keep the hotel's patrons in constant tension. Blankets as bright as alpine meadows and sex, white snow and an uncontrollable car, blood on the snow and a look from behind... What will all this lead to? How will fate decide? Will there be an end to this tragedy?
Floriane Daniel opens her red robe and flashes her bare tits and bush until she ties her belt.
A dude in a black robe kisses Marie-Lou Sellem's bare breasts.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 288

1:10 ; 23,0mb