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Jane Adams Nude

Jane Adams "Happiness" (1998)

Jane Adams -Happiness- Jane Adams -Happiness- Jane Adams -Happiness- Jane Adams -Happiness-

Three sisters: one is a housewife, married to a psychoanalyst, the second is a successful and popular writer, the third is 30 years old and she is lonely and a typical loser in their opinion. Their parents divorce in old age. Beautiful houses, good area, visible success. But what is behind this? Darkness of the human soul. Everyone is looking for happiness, but everyone sees it in their own way: the husband of a housewife sister is mentally ill, the second sister feels empty, choking on complacency and dreaming of a telephone fetishist, and the third sister, in search of happiness, stumbles on suicides, then on a swindler and a womanizer.
Jane Adams sits topless on the bed after sex and tells her lover: "See you in class tomorrow."

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 512

0:58 ; 19,6mb