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Aymara Rovera Nude

Aymara Rovera "Nordeste" (2005)

Aymara Rovera -Nordeste- Aymara Rovera -Nordeste- Aymara Rovera -Nordeste- Aymara Rovera -Nordeste-

Helene travels from Paris to Argentina to acquire a child. For Helen, the process was initially commercial in nature, and she did not load her thoughts with unnecessary considerations about ethics, morality and humanism. She just sought to satisfy her maternal instinct and bestow a "grandkid" on her parents. The expressive businesswoman puts the local advocacy on the ears, lifting the veil over the obvious secrets of the business in the infant adoption trade, which differs little from the commodity market with its inherent deceit, forgery and swindle.
Parent fucks naked Aymara Rovera and kisses her big boobs.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 720 x 320

1:43 ; 35,3mb