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Stacey Travis Nude

Stacey Travis "Hardware" (1990)

Stacey Travis -Hardware- Stacey Travis -Hardware- Stacey Travis -Hardware- Stacey Travis -Hardware-

Distant future. A dirty, dying planet, creatures in rags everywhere, it is impossible for people of conscience and honor to live in this world, which is emphasized by birth control laws and incessant wars. Moses buys the head and arm of a piece of iron from a local stalker, and they turns out to be a part cyborg-destroyer of all humanity. Moses brings the pieces of this deadly weapon to his girlfriend Jill (Stacey Travis), gives them to her for Christmas, and one night the robot rises up, reassembles itself from pieces of scrap metal, and starts killing.
Naked Stacey Travis takes a shower with a guy with an iron hand, and then has sex with him.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1040

2:00 ; 129mb