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Rosario Dawson Nude

Rosario Dawson "Fire with Fire" (2012)

Rosario Dawson -Fire with Fire- Rosario Dawson -Fire with Fire- Rosario Dawson -Fire with Fire-

After a hard work day, the fireman Jeremy Coleman went to the liquor store and involuntarily witnessed a brutal murder. He managed to save his life. Detective took up the investigation of the crime and soon the murderer was arrested. Now Jeremy must identify him, and before the trial hide his name under the program of witness protection. He has to leave his job. However, lawyers were able to get the criminal released from jail. The lives of Jeremy and his girlfriend (Rosario Dawson) are in danger. He is forced to make justice.
Left and right nipples of Rosario Dawson briefly shows from her top during fighting with the man.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 804

0:08 ; 9,18mb