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"Adalen 31"

"Adalen 31" (1969)

-Adalen 31- -Adalen 31- -Adalen 31- -Adalen 31-

1931. Patriarchal Sweden. A group of workers in the small town of Adalen have been on strike for several months now, without going to work loading merchant ships. Local businessmen are worried, losing their huge profits on shipping delays. Not wanting to raise the wages of the local population (for whom this is the only way to earn money in a small town), they hire third-party strikebreakers for less money.
The guy hypnotized the girl lying on the bed, then he take off her underwear and enjoy looking at her completely naked body.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 288

2:10 ; 43,4mb