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Rosamund Pike Nude

Rosamund Pike "Radioactive" (2020)

Rosamund Pike -Radioactive- Rosamund Pike -Radioactive- Rosamund Pike -Radioactive- Rosamund Pike -Radioactive-

In 1895, in Paris, Polish immigrant Marie Sklodowska (Rosamund Pike), a strong, intelligent and slightly arrogant woman with a difficult fate, met fellow scientist Pierre Curie. Both were out of this world, but both were passionate people and moving towards scientific breakthroughs. They discovered the chemical elements radium and polonium, but they also discovered love for each other despite Marie's somewhat sexual liberation. Marie Curie received two Nobel Prizes for her discoveries.
On a sunny day, naked Rosamund Pike and her husband jump into the river from a running start, and after swimming, they sunbathe and chat on the shore.

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Size: 1920 x 800

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