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Daniela Giordano, Eva Leon, Jenny Llada Nude

Daniela Giordano, Eva Leon, Jenny Llada "Inquisition" (1976)

Daniela Giordano -Inquisition- Eva Leon -Inquisition- Daniela Giordano -Inquisition- Jenny Llada -Inquisition-
Daniela Giordano -Inquisition- Daniela Giordano -Inquisition- -Inquisition- Daniela Giordano -Inquisition-

Medieval times, the era of the spread of the plague and the dominance of the Inquisition, using its power to enrich and destroy objectionable people. The newly converted witch Catherine (Daniela Giordano) sold her immortal soul to the Devil in order to take revenge on the inquisitor Bernard, whom she considered guilty of the death of her fiancé. Naturally, Father Bernard could not help but fall in love with the seductive Catherine, could not help ruining his soul in exchange for earthly pleasures.
Daniela Giordano naked takes part in the coven and after it seduces the inquisitor with her gorgeous body.
Jenny Llada suffers topless under torture.
Eva Leon and three friends are completely naked splashing in the river.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1038

5:46 ; 369mb