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Drew Barrymore Nude

Drew Barrymore "Mad Love" (1995)

Drew Barrymore -Mad Love- Drew Barrymore -Mad Love- Drew Barrymore -Mad Love- Drew Barrymore -Mad Love-

He is a sweet, good boy who always did what he was told. She (Drew Barrymore) is an explosive and unstable girl who has suicidal tendencies. A wild love arises between them and takes the youth on the road away from everyone. They run away from their parents and stay alone with each other. They flew far, far away, so it was very painful to fall down. Their idyll is overshadowed by the girl's suicidal tendencies...
Drew Barrymore calls a guy who is looking at her through a spyglass through the window, shows him her bare breasts, and says that he will never see her again.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1038

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