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Barbara Lennie Nude

Barbara Lennie "Dictado" (2012)

Barbara Lennie -Dictado- Barbara Lennie -Dictado- Barbara Lennie -Dictado-

Daniel is visited by his friend, with whom they have not communicated for a long time, and turns to him with an unusual request to meet his daughter. A man sends an annoying guest out, not knowing that he will never see him again. At the funeral of a friend who voluntarily passed away, Daniel and his wife Laura (Barbara Lennie) meet the daughter of the deceased. Taking pity on the orphan, they take in a seven-year-old girl. Looking at the baby's children's games, the couple enjoys peace of mind. However, soon Daniel begins to remember the events of the past and is tormented by fears, which, as it seemed to him, he had already forgotten. At first, no one connects the anxiety that has arisen with the appearance of a new family member.
Topless Barbara Lennie is lying on the bed with a guy and earth is pouring out of his mouth.

Bit rate: 6000kbps
Size: 1280 x 694

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