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Barbara Lennie, Susi Sanchez Nude

Barbara Lennie, Susi Sanchez "Sunday's Illness" (2018)

Barbara Lennie -Sunday's Illness- Susi Sanchez -Sunday's Illness- Barbara Lennie -Sunday's Illness- Susi Sanchez -Sunday's Illness-

Before a dinner party in a luxurious home, refined aristocrat Anabel (Susi Sanchez) instructs the waiters - no decorations, no talking, follow the wishes of the guests. But, despite the prohibition of the hostess, a girl named Chiara (Barbara Lennie) leaves an earring in her ear, and during dinner she deliberately pours red wine for the hostess instead of white. In the obstinate waitress, Anabel recognizes her daughter, left by her when the girl was eight years old. Chiara grew up with her father, often sitting at the window for days on end, waiting for her mother to return. Now she asks her mother to spend ten days with her and refuses the money offered as ransom.
On the shores of a forest lake, Susi Sanchez undresses Barbara Lennie for her last swim.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1040

2:01 ; 133mb