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Judy Davis Nude

Judy Davis "Winter of Our Dreams" (1981)

Judy Davis -Winter of Our Dreams- Cathy Downes -Winter of Our Dreams- Judy Davis -Winter of Our Dreams- Cathy Downes -Winter of Our Dreams-

The suicide of a prostitute brings Rob and Lou together. He is a bookstore owner, intellectual and attractive man. She is a prostitute and a drug addict who lives at the very bottom every day. A romance begins between the characters, and their acquaintance changes everything in their lives. Lou begins to think that he can get out of the terrible life he lives. Rob begins to appreciate what he has, feels a taste for life and does not want to lose what he has, and Lou becomes an object of study and desire for him. In turn, Lou has seen a lot of dirt in her life, but she does not want to lose the outstretched hand, and she is trying to fully use this chance of life.
Judy Davis takes off his T-shirt, with bare tits, sit on the bed and asks the guy: "Don't you find me attractive?"
Naked Cathy Downes hurries to put on a dress after hearing a car horn outside.

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