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Julie Delpy Nude

Julie Delpy "The Hoax" (2006)

Julie Delpy -The Hoax- Julie Delpy -The Hoax- Julie Delpy -The Hoax- Julie Delpy -The Hoax-

Loser writer Clifford Irving, who is turned away by publishers and who decides to become famous by taking the incredibly daring step of committing forgery and thereby making a name for himself. Clinging to the opportunity, he decides to tell the world that he was entrusted by billionaire and reclusive Howard Hughes to write his autobiography. Such events happen infrequently and now Irving is basking in the rays of glory, rowing money with a shovel and just enjoying all his hoax. Moreover, he plunges into his own lies so deeply that sometimes he himself becomes unable to distinguish between reality and the veil of deception. But what happens if Howard Hughes turns up and refutes everything the writer said earlier?
Julie Delpy, talking to а guy, gets out of bed, pours herself coffee and her bare breasts are visible through the neckline of the nightgown.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1040

1:03 ; 66,8mb