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Neta Garty Nude

Neta Garty "Liebesleben" (2007)

Neta Garty -Liebesleben- Neta Garty -Liebesleben- Neta Garty -Liebesleben- Neta Garty -Liebesleben-

Ya'ara (Neta Garty), lives in a happy marriage, has a nice apartment and excellent career prospects at the university. Her usual life changes when she meets her father's old friend Arie, a man much older than her. Since the moment of her birth, Arie has lived in Paris and has now returned to Israel, where his terminally ill wife is in the hospital. Ya'ara falls in love with Arie and they begin an affair that puts sex first. This relationship gradually destroys the young woman, but she flies like a butterfly to a fire. Ya'ara learns that her parents have a dark secret in their past that is inextricably linked to Arie.
Neta Garty runs naked into the room and asks the people working there: "Where is the toilet?"

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 640 x 272

2:46 ; 39,1mb