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Stefania Casini Nude

Stefania Casini "Solamente nero" (1978)

Stefania Casini -Solamente nero- Stefania Casini -Solamente nero- Stefania Casini -Solamente nero- Stefania Casini -Solamente nero-

A young professor, Stefano D'Archangelo, comes to visit his elder brother-priest in Venice. But he did not have time to settle down in a modest monastery, as the brother becomes a witness to the murder of a local female medium, after which an unknown person begins to threaten him in writing. Deciding to help a religious relative, Stefano begins his own investigation, during which the number of corpses increases, but the young man's efforts eventually pay off. That's just to use them, in fact, there is already no one...
The guy takes off his shirt from Stefania Casini and she naked leads him to make love on a fur carpet.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1020

1:32 ; 100mb