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Garance Marillier Nude

Garance Marillier "Warning" (2021)

Garance Marillier -Warning- >Garance Marillier -Warning-

An accident at the space station leads to the fact that engineer David finds himself in outer space without the possibility of return to the Earth, and all of humanity suddenly experiences an acute shortage of those attributes of their life that have become irreplaceable. This incident in space resulted in the fact that many communications equipment and other things were inoperative. No one can help David and his fate is just a subject for another news report on TV. People living peacefully on earth are not particularly worried about the fate of the astronaut (only occasionally can one hear questions about what it is like for him there all alone). And this circumstance seems to reflect the standard state for most people, when no one cares about anyone.
Garance Marillier, standing in front of the bathroom mirror, applies cream to her naked body.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 806

0:39 ; 41,8mb