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Lili Bordan, Liz Clare Nude

Lili Bordan, Liz Clare "Live or Die in La Honda" (2017)

Liz Clare -Live or Die in La Honda- Liz Clare -Live or Die in La Honda- Liz Clare -Live or Die in La Honda- Lili Bordan -Live or Die in La Honda-

After Victoria (Lili Bordan) realizes that her brother has disappeared and knowing about his involvement in drugs, she calls her former lover Blake and asks to come and help in the search. Blake, a former Marine, doesn't understand why she doesn't go to the police, but agrees to come to the small town of La Honda. Soon Blake realizes that he was embroiled in someone else's game, threatening death, because the number of corpses around increases.
Lili Bordan takes off her blue blouse, quickly flashing her bare boobs and kisses her lover.
Liz Clare wakes up from a phone call, gets out of bed and walks naked down the corridor, showing boobs and a clean-shaven pussy and passes the phone to a tattooed man.

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