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Kate Bosworth Nude

Kate Bosworth "Big Sur" (2013)

Kate Bosworth -Big Sur- Kate Bosworth -Big Sur- Kate Bosworth -Big Sur- Kate Bosworth -Big Sur-

Big Sur is an area on the California coast. The ocean, mountains and forests make it incredibly beautiful and desirable. Ideally, such a wonderful place should have helped Jack Kerouac quit drinking and expel his inner demons. But no, the "father of the beatniks" was not enough for a long time. Only three weeks Kerouac was able to spend on Big Sur, after which he fled to the city. To re-indulge in little beatnik joys there: booze, drugs, sex and jazz parties.
Naked Kate Bosworth is in bed making love to a famous writer and sometimes interrupted by conversations with an imaginary child.

Bit rate: 4000kbps
Size: 1280 x 530

1:06 ; 36,3mb