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Sara Forestier Nude

Sara Forestier "Hell" (2006)

Sara Forestier -Hell- Sara Forestier -Hell- Sara Forestier -Hell- Sara Forestier -Hell-

Hell (Sara Forestier) is the daughter of wealthy parents. Her whole life is parties, drugs, alcohol and casual sex. Until she meets Andrea, he have the same bad reputation as herself. Unexpectedly for everyone, they start dating, and it seems that they are the perfect couple - both are a little crazy, living only for today ... It would seem that everything should be fine with them, but their lifestyle does not constancy, and when the first love passes, problems and quarrels begin. And it is very difficult for them to stay together because they are too different or too similar.
A guy with a tattoo on his back fucks Sara Forestier and kisses her neck, tries to bring drunk Sara to her senses and swims naked with her in the pool.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 576 x 304

2:48 ; 52,0mb