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Yelena Arzhanik Nude

Yelena Arzhanik "City Zero" (1988)

Yelena Arzhanik -City Zero- Yelena Arzhanik -City Zero- Yelena Arzhanik -City Zero- Yelena Arzhanik -City Zero-

An ordinary engineer, Aleksei, came on a business trip to a small town and cannot return from there. Aleksei gets into a lot of absurd situations. Arriving at the plant, engineer, an employee of the Moscow Machine-Building Plant, discovers that he does not have a pass for the enterprise, although it was made just half an hour ago. The engineer, with unconcealed surprise, watches the completely naked secretary (Yelena Arzhanik) of the plant director, but at the same time, no one except him sees the absence of clothes on her. The director of the plant is not aware of what the enterprise is engaged in manufacturing. It becomes a discovery for him that the chief engineer has long been dead. There are no tickets at the city station. There are roads, but they lead nowhere. These circumstances are perceived by local residents as a harmonious order of things. It remains to find the answer to the question, who went crazy - a guest of the city or its inhabitants?
Naked Yelena Arzhanik, paying no attention to anyone, types on a typewriter and waters flowers.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1488 x 1080

1:47 ; 116mb