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Julie Christie, Lee Grant, Sharon Kelly Nude

Julie Christie, Lee Grant, Sharon Kelly "Shampoo" (1975)

Julie Christie -Shampoo- Lee Grant -Shampoo- Sharon Kelly -Shampoo- -Shampoo-

George, working in a beauty salon, and being an excellent hairdresser, can not only do perfecthair styling, but also give clients services that are not included in the price list of the salon. Apparently, therefore, clients, and these are charming women, appreciate him for the fact that he can serve them, not only drying his hair, but also frolic with them in bed. George is torn between his favorite clients and can't decide which one to settle down with and start building a normal relationship with. Ultimately, this will not work in his favor. Julie Christie's breasts fall out of her dress when she kisses the hairdresser in the bathroom. Sharon Kelly shows off big boobs in painted clothes. Naked Lee Grant smokes in bed.

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Size: 1920 x 1036

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