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Jeanne Moreau Nude

Jeanne Moreau "La notte" (1960)

Jeanne Moreau -La notte- Jeanne Moreau -La notte- Jeanne Moreau -La notte- Jeanne Moreau -La notte-

The famous Italian novel-writer Giovanni Pontano is experiencing a long creative crisis. The wall of estrangement rise between him and his beautiful wife Lidia (Jeanne Moreau). But one day at a party the writer gets acquainted with the daughter of a millionaire Valentina Gherardini. The action takes place in the backdrop of a secular party that lasts all night, where the spouses are waiting for new acquaintances and observations that will push them to a frank morning conversation after a night rain...
Jeanne Moreau shows her breasts, sitting in the tub and stand from the soapy water and asks her husband to give her a towel.

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